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I was selected to act as a patient for an e-learning project related to Clinical Trials.

I did a spot for an in-house ad for Tres Generaciones Triple Distilled Tequila.  The happy producer commented that my deep voice helped to produce a "silky" read.

I was selected to voice a character as part of a promo for a drama based on the life of civil rights heroine JoAnn Robinson. .

I voiced a Learning Module for Vi on the essential topic of respect in the work place.

I have been selected to play the part of Lucius in the International Shakespeare Players production of Julius Ceasar.

I have been selected to voice a Public Service Announcement for the Southwest Transplant Alliance who do important work in the field of organ donation.

I now have representation in Los Angeles by Idiom.

I have been selected to voice a character in the opening video of a temporary exhibit called "We Return Fighting" that will be at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

 I'm happy to have been chosen as the voice for Sinc Time Clock, an amazing mobile solution for  time management.

Today I recorded the narration track for a short video on Black Cowboys which will debut at the Wild West Film Festival in Vacaville.


I'm pleased to announce that I am now represented by Shortlist Model + Talent Agency!


I have completed work on an Audio Book called "50 Minimalist Hacks to Maximize Your Life in 2019: Simplify Your Life, Declutter Your Home, Discover Minimalism and Start Living a Meaningful Life"

I'm taking acting classes at First Take, the Bay Area's #1 Acting School.

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